Direct payments from social services are payments made to you or the person you’re looking after so that you can buy care services for yourself. Direct payments aim to give you more flexibility in how your services are provided. By giving you money instead of social care services, you have greater choice and control over your life and are able to make your own decisions about how your care is delivered.

Managing direct payments

When you or the person you’re looking after receive direct payments, there will be various obligations. Which YOU are responsible for:

• Keeping records and accounting for how the money is spent to social services.

• Taking on the legal role of an employer if you’re using the payment to pay for a care worker, and undertaking all the legal responsibilities that go with it.

Problems with Direct Payments

There are NO back-up staff in the event that your regular carer is unable to attend or when they are taking their holidays, they are not supported by regular supervisions, appraisals and further training and there is nobody to complain to if you are receiving poor standards of care.

The Solution?

Verytas accept direct payments – its as simple as that. We take full responsibility for the worker, we provide backup staff in the event of sickness, we vet them, we train them, we insure them and we monitor them to ensure that you are receiving a high standard of care. All you have to do is tell your social worker /care manager that you are requesting. Provider Led Direct Payments and we do the rest.

It really is as easy as that.

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